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Machining Capabilities
To Facilitate our operations of precision machining of engineering fabrication, we user measuring tool and precision equipment which is able to handle the most precise of machining needs for our customers.

Production Facilities

We have a wide range of machines and equipment in our manufacturing plant. These include the following:

  • EDM Wire cut:
    • CHMER CW-530s
    • MAKINO SP43 (2X)
    • BAOMA DK7732C
    • TROOP 8WPC

Wire Ø from 0.1 ~ 0.25mm with any steel, carbide and all super hard material (PCD) within 5 µm

  • EDM Drill
    • ICHI Seiki SK-3525ZA
    • CASTEK SD20

Drill micro holes up to Ø0.18mm with any stell, carbide and all super hard material (PCD) within 15 µm

  • Precision Milling
    • LAGUN FTV-1S
    • TOP WELL 3VK
    • TOP WELL 4VK
    • SEIKI – XL MDV4

  • Precision Lathe
    • SCHAUBLIN 102-N (2X)
    • ECOCA LATHE 8J-1840G

  • Surface Grinding


Quality Control Facilities

  • Inspection Equipment :
    • MITUTOYO Toolmaker microscope
    • MITUTOYO Digital Micrometer
    • MITUTOYO Vernier Caliper
    • MicroVu Spectra Profile projector
    • Sylvac Z-CAL3000 Digital height gauge (300mm)
    • INTEC Precision Measuring Equipment
    • Leica M26Scope
    • Pin Gauge
  • Measurement
    • INTEC Height Gauge
    • Slip Gauges
    • Vacuum Pump
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